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Project Description

Pichilemu Surf Reserve, Chile

Including world class waves Punta de Lobos, Infiernillo, and La Puntilla.

The National Surfbreak Protection Program for Chile began on the threatened waves of Pichilemu.

In 2016, Surf & Nature Alliance began working with local community representatives to finally find recognition from Chilean local authorities. In June 20th 2017, the declaration of the first Surfing Reserve in Chile was announced. Pichilemu’s renowned surf breaks became part of Chilean’s natural heritage.

The Municipality of Pichilemu ratified our Manifesto for the Waves Protection and officially accepted the value of surf breaks and surfing as part of their natural and cultural heritage to preserve, as well as economic, sportive and community strategic resource for their local communities.

Surf & Nature Alliance empowered the coastal community groups and local government. And took the first steps on the process of conservation and coastal management at different levels.

Mission accomplished!