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In our Surf Reserves we value surfbreaks and waves of different levels, which implies the recognition and enhancement of them as a natural heritage, and as a sportive, socio-economic, and cultural strategic resource for the local coastal communities.

SNA has developed an highly efficient and  innovative  methodology  for the conservation of the coast, and legal protection strategies of world-class epic waves and national or regional  surf breaks.

Once we evaluate the threats and impacts on an area through our Surfstainability Program, we implement the Triple Valorization Methodology, an innovative method we developed through our R & D + Surf Program to evaluate all specific natural, socio-economical, cultural, and sportive factors that make a surf break unique. Then, we lobby and proactively encourage governments and citizens to make the right decisions for the conservation and enhancement of their natural resources and heritage.

Yes. Waves and surf breaks exemplify hydrodiversity, and a natural, socio-economic, sportive, and cultural strategic resource for the local coastal communities. An added value with a well deserved recognition as heritage for the future generations.

  • Their creation is a way of empowering local collectives, and public administrations in the process of conservation and management of the coast at different levels.
  • There are many more endangered waves and surf breaks than you can imagine. Some in total risk of extinction and others threatened as a result of human impacts.
  • It is a global issue, probably affecting some of your local or favorite coastlines and surf areas around the world.

Because the more support we receive, the more places we can protect.

It’s time to give your love back to the places you enjoy the most.



Since 2012, our committed crew works in partnership with local communities, to enhance surf areas and find legal protection to their marine environments. We have already obtained some good achievements:


Surf & Nature Alliance is currently seeking support as we are receiving inquiries and evaluating new proposals. We want to expand our ongoing mission and protection programs to new locations around the world.

Let’s work together for conservation!