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Ocean lovers network dedicated to marine and coastal conservation with a special focus on the surf areas.

Surf & Nature Alliance (SNA) is dedicated to protecting the marine environment with a special focus on the surf areas around the world.

SNA empowers coastal communities through innovative programs focused on the valorization, conservation, legal protection, and sustainable development of their natural elements and cultural heritage.

The SNA is based in Spain and Chile, and is formed by an intercultural network of surfers and ocean lovers, in which activists, scientists, academics, ambassadors, and supporters, is committed to inspiring change through awareness raising, education, research, lobby, community involvement, and direct actions in favor of long-term conservation of the coastal heritage, and safeguarding the coastal surf zone from unsustainable development, utilizing smart and inclusive growth models, transnational and multi-level approaches.

SNA enhances surf zones as a natural, cultural and socioeconomic resource and a legacy for future generations.

Where do we come from?

We have been working for more than 10 years to protect the marine environment and its surfbreaks, individually, and as a social collective under the pseudonym Time for Waves. In May 2017, we formally constituted ourselves as an NGO, so that the local coastal communities had a single interlocutor.

Following the achievements mainly harvested in Spain and Chile, coastal communities from different corners of the planet are contacting us so that we can help them to value, and protect long-term their coastal heritage and the places we all love. Until a few months ago we did not need external financial support, but the more requests we receive and the more we need to extend our programs, we need to find more resources and dedication. Your help is a direct contribution to the conservation of the marine environment and its surfbreakers.  Become part of the change.

Join us to protect the coastlines you love.

It is a global challenge to preserve nature. We believe that collaboration among scientists, teachers, artists, institutions and relevant members of the surfing community can awaken consciences and help an inspire the change.
Make our cause yours