New Legal Protection Strategies

New Legal Protection Strategies 2019-01-20T14:11:09+00:00

We are creating and developing innovative conservation strategies for the long-term legal protection of surfbreaks, coastlines and marine environment for the future generations.

We plan integral strategies and offer specific solutions adapted to each geographical area we work in. We implement the new methods developed on our R + D + Surf Program, achieve the ultimate goal: the legal long-term protection of wider areas including a large number of surf breaks.

No. Protects depend on the countries, the cultures the laws, the levels of administration involved with competition in the coastal strip, as well as the rights, customs and beliefs of local communities. These differences can be many and varied, which means of finding the solution to this challenge. From the respect to the local communities and our commitment to intercultural community, we believe that the ways of understanding problems and solutions can be several, and also their answers and decisions.



1st legally protected epic surfbreak in Europe by public bodies.

Mundaka’s Surfing Reserve was officially declared legally protected by public bodies, taking into consideration the singularities of the wave and its natural heritage. Mundaka is now part of Urdaibai’s Bioshpere Reserve, Basque Country, Spain


Project proposal for the 7 best surfbreaks in Cantabria (Spain) declared as Natural Monument

Liencres, El Brusco, La Vaca Gigante, La Fortaleza, Ribamontán Al Mar, San Vicente, Los Locos

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