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Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we develop programs to educate, engage new audiences, and raise awareness of society in its sustainable relationship with the ocean, fostering a connection with it, and extending the values of ocean literacy.

University Programs

We organize custom-made courses on subjects related to the Ocean Literacy in which theoretical learning is combined with a full immersion into the surf and the marine environment. 

Stays and courses include specific contents on environmental, cultural and surfing topics. University students get a wider view of the global issues affecting our marine environment, and a deeper knowledge of the physical environment, oceanography, meteorology, coastal geomorphology, sustainability, history of surfing, blue economies, blue humanities, physical training, prevention of injuries, materials, techniques, etc.

Some examples:

Santander campus of the University of Cantabria hosts the Master course where Ph.D. Juanjo González Trueba teaches the Territorial Planning of the Cantabrian Coast. It covers topics such as hydrodiversity, blue heritage, sustainability, and various topics related to Surf & Nature Alliance conservation, ocean science, and ocean literacy programs.

Global Change and Oceanography Classes

Students from the Philippines, Canada, China, the United States, France, and 8 more countries, gathered to learn first hand the state of the marine environment and from the Asturian coast, collect samples and delve into the conservation programs led by Dr. Laura Miralles, Professor of Global Change and Oceanography at the International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources of the University of Oviedo. Our colleague and member of the SNA International Scientific Committee passionately transmits her expertise of marine biology, bio-security, genetics and conservation of the marine environment.

San Vicente de la Barquera Surf Reserve and the town of Comillas, are two wonderful locations chosen to host students from all around the world, to cultivate body and mind, and connecting to the ocean and the Spanish culture while getting an official degree.

Collaborates: International University Center for Higher Studies of Spanish, and the Department of Cultural Studies of the Comillas Foundation / University of Cantabria.

School Programs

Educating while sharing our passion for the oceans and surfing Elementary and High School Programs.

Surf & Nature Alliance engage young audiences towards conservation and the sustainable use of oceans, waves, and marine resources. The educational programs bring young students a unique combination of knowledge with a large number of transversal values to discover their passion for surfing, nature, and the ocean, making a unique experience for them.

Surf Instructors Course

The teaching of environmental and cultural values in the official courses of Surf Federations for Surf Instructors.

We offer a specific unit on “Knowledge of the natural environment and ethical values” within the official training course for Level I Surf Instructors of the Cantabrian Surf Federation. The specific unit has a great acceptance when imparting topics of interest to surfers and future surf school professionals: Oceanography, meteorology, coastal geomorphology, types of waves and waves, types of surf breaks, risks natural, surfing ethics and respect for nature as values to transfer in surf schools.

Conferences | Talks | Seminars | Workshops

Dissemination of the values and messages of the Ocean Literacy and the challenges of our time: Respect and Harmony with Nature, Peace, Freedom, Beauty, Equality, Justice and Sustainability.

These values and messages of intercultural community commitment have led us to the most diverse forums: festivals, sports championships, cultural events, conferences, private companies, etc.

Connect to the ocean.

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