National Surfbreak Protection Program in Puerto Rico

National Surfbreak Protection Program in Puerto Rico 2019-04-08T02:15:40+00:00

The first Surf Reserve in Punta Borinquen. One more step to patrimonialize surf breaks in Puerto Rico.

The National Surfbreaks Protection Program in Puerto Rico initiated by the Surf and Nature Alliance in 2016, began with the presentation of the Manifesto for the Protection of Waves to several members of the Puerto Rican community back then. Our ultimate goal is to find the legal protection of its spectacular surf spaces to all major spots around the country.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the island leaving behind almost 3,000 dead and billionaires material destruction. Although in 2018, Surf & Nature Alliance began working with the Local Stewardship Committee in 2018 to make the principles of Punta Borinquen World Surfing Reserve. We contributed with the scientific, technical knowledge and the values so that the Punta Borinquen World Surfing Reserve can correctly value the surf breaks as natural and cultural heritage of the island, as well as a strategic socioeconomic and sports resource for Puerto Rican coastal local communities.

We believe that this project will be a way of empowerment for local collectives. Together with the involvement of public administrations, the process of conservation and management of the coast at different levels can be strengthened, and then continue to be extended to other areas of the country.