National Surfbreak Protection Program in Puerto Rico

National Surfbreak Protection Program in Puerto Rico 2019-02-06T16:57:02+00:00

The National Surfbreak Protection Program of Puerto Rico created by the Surf and Nature Alliance works for the declaration of the first Surf Reserves by Puerto Rican public administrations.

We started the National Program for the Protection of Surf Breakers in Puerto Rico in 2016, but it is currently “on standby” due to the natural disaster caused by Hurricane Maria. Nonetheless, the program is underway and the first advances have been made. We hope to resume work with locals as soon as possible. As in the other Surfbreak Protection Programs, the dissemination of the Manifesto for the Protection of Waves (link) is planned throughout the country. We also offer technical assistance for the enhancement of surf breaks as a natural and cultural heritage of the island, as well as a strategic sportive, cultural and socio-economic resource for Puerto Rican coastal local communities. This project is being a way of empowering local groups and involving local public administrations in the process of conservation and management of the coast at different levels.