Marine Environment and Surfbreaks Protection Program

//Marine Environment and Surfbreaks Protection Program
Marine Environment and Surfbreaks Protection Program 2018-12-14T12:29:17+00:00

Protection of the marine environment and the world’s outstanding surf areas. From the world known epic waves to the national/regional known.

Surf & Nature Alliance’s Marine Environment and Surfbreaks Protection Program proactively identifies, designates and preserves outstanding surf zones around the world. SNA empowers local communities with long-term conservation strategies to find legal protection of their surf zones. SURF RESERVES are created with the Triple Validation Method developed by our scientists, a highly efficient methodology to protect in different scales and levels. 

Our conservation program takes three steps:


Identifying waves with special threats or unique factors to preserve them. We encourage our network of activists, local communities and citizens to act as #ThreatenedWave Detectors and directly report us any endangered surfbreak or coastline.

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Surf & Nature Reserves implies the recognition and enhancement of surf zones as a natural heritage, and as a sportive, socio-economic, and cultural strategic resource for the local coastal communities that we work in partnership with. It is a multi-scale conservation program developed in different levels. 

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We are creating and developing innovative conservation strategies for the long-term legal protection of surfbreaks, coastlines and marine environment for the future generations.

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