National Surfbreaks Protection Progam in Chile

National Surfbreaks Protection Progam in Chile 2018-03-08T13:53:41+00:00

Working for the legal protection of the main Chilean surfbreaks.

Within the framework of our international strategies for the protection of the marine environment, the Surf & Nature Alliance has created and is currently developing the National Program for the Protection of Surfbreaks in Chile, and aims to achieve the legal and official protection of the main Chilean coastal areas with a special interest for surfing.

The marine and coastal environment, waves, and surfbreaks, suffer frequent hazards, threats, and impacts. Chile, like most Latin American countries, does not have an adequate assessment of the value of its surfbreaks nor legal protection and territorial management for this important part of their natural heritage. Surfbreaks are a representative part of the Chilean coastal heritage, but they are still not included in the environmental and land management strategies or politics. Therefore, every year, we witness more disappearances and impacts. Our program in Chile was born to work in partnership with local communities with the objective of providing scientific, technical, and activists solutions to empower the long-term legal protection and sort out all environmental issues affecting surfbreaks different scales.

Most of the surf break valuation cases are focused on epic spots like Punta de Lobos, but dozens of other waves are also endangered and have no legal protection or any type of management from their local governments. Surf & Nature Alliance pays attention to those waves as well.

We believe in the original values ​​of surf culture, its philosophy, and way of life. We believe in the need of living in harmony with nature, inspiring the change towards the search of a more sustainable world. Furthermore, surfing resources are now permitting wealth and development in the form of blue economies. These economies are valued by the most advanced public strategies and politics.

The National Surfbreak Protection Program for Chile began focused on the threatened waves of Pichilemu.

In 2016, Surf & Nature Alliance began lobbying and finally found recognition from Chilean local authorities.

In 2017, the declaration of the first Multi-leveled Surfing Reserve in Chile was announced and Pichilemu’s surfbreaks finally became part of Chilean’s natural heritage.

In 2017, our Manifesto for the Waves Protection was also publicly ratified by the Municipality of Pichilemu. The authorities officially accepted the value of surfbreaks and surfing as a natural and cultural heritage, as well as a sportive and socio-economic strategic resource for their local communities. This project has shown how the empowering of local groups and the involvement of local government is an essential part in the process of conservation and coastal management at different levels.

First mission accomplished!

We are currently working in different regions for the protection of the most important waves in Chile. Although we need your support to go faster and protect more locations in Chile and around the world.

Please get involved, become a member of the SNA, or donate today to protect the coastlines you love.

“We achieved the declaration of an epic break and internationally known as Punta de Lobos, but also others of great importance to the local community such as Infiernillo or La Puntilla.”

This program began in 2016 with lobbying and technical support actions to several administrations in the country. In 2017 the first great milestones were achieved: The 1st Surf Reserve of Chile recognized and declared by the local public administration.

Punta de Lobos, Infiernillo, La Puntilla
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