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We protect the marine environment and its surf breaks.

Surf & Nature Alliance is an international and intercultural non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the marine environment, with a special interest in the surf areas, and the development of ocean science and literacy.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda, we inspire change and empower local communities through our main programs and… Discover more



Marine Environment & Surfbreaks Protection Program through the creation of Surf Reserves and long-term conservation strategies for their Legal Protection.


The Manifesto for the Protection of the Waves is our main awareness-raising program to educate society about the value and necessity of conservation of outstanding surf breaks as natural heritage, and a sportive, socioeconomic, and cultural resource.


Sustainable Development Program to include the surf factor/value in decision making, and the environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural management of the coastal communities.


Educational Programs and Cultural Studies so that society knows and understands the influence exerted by the ocean on the human being, and the influence exerted by the human being on the ocean.


Scientific program to develop innovative and effective ways to protect larger coastal areas, and a more sustainable approach to the surf industry and the blue economies.


🆘 Asturias and Cantabria under PLASTIC thread

February 1st, 2019|Comments Off on 🆘 Asturias and Cantabria under PLASTIC thread

LAST WEEK  Jan. 26th TODAY February 1st. 9;00 h. Parque Natural de las Dunas de Liencres. | Playa de Liencres STOP MARINE DEBRIS BEFORE IT GETS BACK TO THE OCEAN [...]

Galicia Calidade

January 31st, 2019|Comments Off on Galicia Calidade

Photo: Todosurf Our heart has started to beat strongly in Galicia. Galicia Calidade surely defines the beauty of the 1,498 km of Galician coastline. Dotted with idyllic places where [...]

Mundaka goes epic

December 20th, 2018|Comments Off on Mundaka goes epic

The Basque jewel shinning again. December sessions in MUNDAKA SURF RESERVE went epic.  Surfers such as Aritz Aranburu, Txaber Trojaola, Natxo Gonzalez, Kepa Acero, Egoitz Villanueva, Ander Mendiguren, Imanol Garcia, Eukeni Masa, [...]



Protecting world famous waves and local surfbreaks too.

We work in partnership with coastal communities to value surfbreaks and waves of different levels,  to give them long-term legal protection, which implies the recognition and enhancement of them as a natural heritage, and as a sportive, socio-economic, and cultural strategic resource for the local coastal communities.

We believe in:

Help us protect our marine environment.

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