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For more than two decades the members of the Surf & Nature Alliance actively organized or participated in countless events, conferences, meetings, fairs, seminars, congresses and festivals in different countries.

Oct. 2017 – Round Table on the Action Strategy on Climate Change in Cantabria (Spain) 2017/2030 organized by the Center for Environmental Research, through the General Directorate of the Environment of the Ministry of Universities and Research, Environment and Social Policy.


Javier Cantera, co-founder of the Surf & Nature Alliance and the Cosmic Children Festival, 12 years paying homage to the surf culture of the 70’s with pro and amateur surfer’s and shaper’s coming from all corners of the globe (France, Spain, UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Canary Islands, Germany, Portugal…).. Every edition has fostered respect for the marine environment and its conservation, life on the beach and the importance and values of surf culture.

Environmental activities at the Cosmic Children Festival

1. “Oceanic Initiative” Aquatic waste collection contest on the beach. Children are encouraged to show the elderly how they take care of the sea and the beach.

2. Painting workshops directed by the Italian artist/shaper Matia Zulberti in 2008 and by Mariam Honored in 2009. The paintings were auctioned and donations supported different environmental projects.

3. Awareness raising exhibitions on the beach showing the species with which we cohabit. Talks were given on the different species of seabirds thanks to the collaboration of the Nature Lesson and Ambientalia.

4. In 2010 1 € donation was raised for each member registered to the Cosmic Children Surf Club for environmental projects.

5. Cosmic Tea with solar oven: A tasty herbal tea was produced for 7 editions with the sole help of the sun as a source of energy to heat it.

6. Recycling: 12 years encouraging general public and participants to recycle plastics, papers and organic garbage in separate bags.

7. Boardshorts and other clothing made with recycled plastic bottles: During several editions we have raffled or given away the award-winning Billabong or Vissla swimsuits made from recycled plastic bottles.

8. FREETANGA project – We presented the ecofriendly intitiative of Kinich Ahau adapting the engine of his car to work with recycled oil from restaurants.

9. H2O for your Car: We supported and funded a research and development project of alternative technologies that use hydrogen as a substitute for oil, in order to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

10. Give aways with ecological message: For three years, cloth bags have been given so participants could replace their plastic bags. We also launched a message to raise awareness about the issue of reuse and recycling.

11. Video screenings of environmental awareness raising films of different NGOs.

12. Information panels to mark the accesses to the beach and avoiding stepping onto the dunes and fragile areas of the natural park.

13. Beach Talks: Official presentation of the MANIFESTO FOR THE PROTECTION OF WAVES by Dr. Juanjo González Trueba.

14. Creation of murals with marine motifs and allusion to environmental protection.

15. PETROL ART – Jimmy Pons showed us his way of doing Eco-art and the use of recycled oil as a pictorial element. We had the opportunity to paint frames with chapapote (oil spill) collected from the beaches of the Cantabrian coast.

16. Supporting the dissemination of the Manifesto for the Protection of Waves.

17. Beach Talks: Presentation on the Use of Marine Energy through the Waves of the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics for knowledge of the different ways of harnessing energy with the help of the waves, as a source of energy clean and renewable.

18. Beach Talks: Effects of Plastic and Oil in the Marine Environment of the oceanographer and activist Dr. Tony Butt (UK).

19. Celebrating 25 years of Surfrider Foundation. Vanessa-Sarah Salvo – Coordinator of San Sebastian Territorial Office and Maria Grijuela presented the works of Surfrider Foundation.

20. During several editions, many short films of awareness towards the protection of the marine environment and the beaches have been presented at the CCF.

21. Exhibitions of sustainable and ecological, retro and experimental surfboards: 5 renowned international shapers presented their new approaches for a more sustainable industry that increasingly demands less harmful materials to the environment.

Donald Brink (California), Vissla

Roberto Sanchez (Santander), Ahau Surfboards

Matia Zulberti (Italy), MW Surfboards

Sergi (Barcelona), Flama Surfboards

Rob Vaugham (England), Billabong.

22. Beach Talks: Geometry applied to the construction of ecologically sustainable and non-harmful spaces for the environment. Got To – It is a constructor of structures and sustainable geometric spaces, responsible for making the cosmic domes.

2013 – Surfilm Festibal, San Sebastián, Basque Country: Presentation of the Manifesto for the Protection of the Waves.

2017 – Surf Expo Avilés, Asturias (Spain). Conference in which Javier Cantera presented the work of the Surf & Nature Alliance within the programed activities of the CCF 2017.

2017 Vissla Pedro’s Bay ‘Premiere, Spanish Tour – Dissemination of our promotional video accompanying the premiere of the latest film of Vissla Films in the 17 most representative towns and surfing cities in Spain.

2017 European Wooden Surfboard Meet International meeting to disseminate and promote the need for a change in the surf industry, organized by Sergi Galanó, member of the Surf and Nature Alliance’s Surfing and Sustainable Development International Committee of Surfing and Sustainable Development.

2017 – Roundtable on the future Strategy of action against climate change in Cantabria 2017/2030. Participation in the definition of the strategic plan of the General Directorate of Environment of the Ministry of Universities and Research, Environment and Social Policy of Cantabria. Center for Environmental Research, Torrelavega, Cantabria.

2017 – Seminar on Marine Energies: Opportunities for development and cooperation strategy. Environmental Hydraulic Institute and Regional Development Society of Cantabria.

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