Surfstainability in the Industry

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We are helping developing sustainability in the boardriders industry. We are encouraging the private sector to fully play its part in upcycling, recycling, and investing in more sustainable solutions. Our objective is to promote innovation through the use of more ecological alternatives in their materials and manufacturing processes.

We created a transversal platform of shapers, designers, craftsmen, and manufacturers of the surf industry, connected to each other to drive the change towards a more sustainable industry and the empowerment of circular economies and blue economies.


In 2016 and 2017 members of the SNA co-organized an international meetup of shapers from four continents in Santander and Liencres beach, Spain. Shapers shared knowledge, new experiences, and approaches to the industry, through innovation and the use of recycled or more environmentally friendly materials or processes (wood, natural resins, recycled foams and products that are ultimately less harmful to the environment)a. These materials offer a real alternative to most of the industry. “Shred Your Shape” by Vissla brought together shapers from all corners to  the Cosmic Children Festival: North, Central and South America, South Africa, Australia, and 12 European countries of the Atlantic Arc, to meet for three days for the talks, exhibitions and a surf competition of the shapers themselves with their own creations. In this meetup, we sought some of the sustainable approach of the surf industry sharing their developments, as well as inspiring other manufacturers.  

If you are interested in these topics, and you want to collaborate, contact us!

In 2017, European Wood Surf Meet  was held to disseminate and promote the need for a change in the surf industry. Organized by Sergi Galanó, creator of Flama Surfboards, member of the International Committee for Surfstainability of the Surf & Nature Alliance, brought some of the most interesting eco-shapers from all over Europe, Brazil, Australia, US, etc. A festival previously held in Australia and which premiered for the first time in Europe in Berria beach, Cantabria

If you are interested in these topics, and you want to collaborate, contact us!