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Anaid Ralat

Coordinator of the National Surfbreak Protection Plan in Puerto Rico

Master in Environmental Management from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Anaid has combined her passion for nature and higher education in management and conservation issues. After finishing her professional career as an elite athlete, being a member of the national water polo team of Puerto Rico and a professional player in the most important European leagues, on her return to Puerto Rico she has committed to various environmental programs on the island.

This authentic waterwoman represents the best values ​​of her people, and she is firmly convinced of the need to value the natural and cultural heritage of her beautiful island.

Anaid currently lmanages “Il Sognatore” gest house with her husband Fabio, also a surfer, on the north western coast, near Aguadilla, one of the most beautiful and natural stretches of coastline, with surf breaks of great quality , some of which are under threat due to urban pressure.