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Phd. Clifton Evers

Clifton Evers (PhD) grew up surfing in Australia and now regularly surfs the very cold and fickle reefs of north east England and Scotland. He is a keel fish aficionado, and has ridden them on waves all over the world. Clifton is a lecturer in Cultural Studies at Newcastle University, UK. His research is about pollution and leisure in blue spaces, particularly in regards to the influences of gender. Clifton employs ethnography to conduct research, and works with creative outputs and research methods e.g. ethnographic fiction, soundscapes, film, performance art. You can see his work at He has written for magazine, Swellnet, and other surf publications. From 2010 to 2015 he was editor
of Kurungabaa: A journal of literature, history and ideas from the sea. Other publications include his book Notes for a Young Surfer (Melbourne University Press) and contributing to thecollection The Critical Surf Studies Reader (Duke University Press). He has published about Critical Surf Studies issues (environment, localism, violence, sexism, gender, and more) in Australia, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom. Clifton is on the editorial boards for the Journal for Sport & Social Issues, International Journal of Cultural Studies, and the Journal of Bodies, Sexualities, and Masculinities. He is a member of The Shadow Places Network: a collaboration of scholars, artists, and activists to re-imagine and co-produce connections for justice in an era of climate change Clifton is currently working with a research team in Sweden on a project entitled: Whose transformation? The places, politics and ethics of the fossil free society. The project is answering the question: How is the fossil free transformation imagined and narrated by people who live in close proximity to fossil-intensive industries? What barriers, risks and dislocations are brought to the fore in the stories told about the fossil free society?