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PhD. Daniel Esparza Ruiz

Cultural Surf Studies Committee Member

Daniel is a big fan of sports and the art of riding the waves. Professor at the University of Olomouc, Bachelor of Geography and History, Master in Tourism and Doctor of Political Science. He is editor of the area of ​​history, culture and politics of sport, in the International Journal of Sports Science (Ricyde).

With regard to the history of surfing, he is the founder, principal investigator and coordinator of Olo Surf History (olosurfhistory.com), the only website in the world dedicated exclusively to the research production on the history of surfing. He has published two monographs that reconstruct the beginnings of surfing: The History of Surfing in Spain: From Magallanes to the 80s; and Málaga Surf: History of Surfing and Bodyboarding (1970-2000). And more than a dozen academic-scientific articles, and historical disclosure.

His book, The History of Surfing in Spain, inspired the script of the documentary La Primera Ola, where he also collaborated as a historical advisor. He was awarded the Special Mention for Unanimity in the III City of Málaga Journalism Prize, for a research report on the origins of surfing in the Mediterranean.