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Erwan Simón

Francophone Surf Reserves Coordinator | Ambassador

Surfer, explorer,  journalist, and author from South Brittany in North West France, Erwan is traveling the world as a free surfer and as a journalist/author in search of unknown waves. Libya, Bangladesh, Haiti, Algeria, Comoros, Cargados Carajos, China, Papua, Sierra Leone, Mauritania etc, he explored more than 40 countries and territories off the beaten paths. He learned how to explore the world with the greatest specialists like Randy Rarick, John Seaton Callahan, Antony Colas, Stuart Butler. He is also a founding member of the international surfEXPLORE team. Attracted by the wildest regions and the most remote tribes, he is a witness of the degradation of the oceans. He takes seawater samples around the world to study the pollution and decided to protect the waves of this beautiful planet.