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Gonzalo Salinero

Coordinator of Multi-level Surf Reserves in Chile | Ambassador

Gonzalo is a committed activist for the sea and the surf. Sensitive by the traditions of the diverse Chilean coastal local communities. He is the Coordinator of Surf Reserves of the Surf & Nature Alliance for all Chile, as well as a commercial engineer and photographer by profession.

Since childhood he had a special connection with nature, since his family has always been fishermen and hunters. Lover of the countryside and Chilean Creole traditions, at the age of 15 he met the surfing world and began a close relationship with the Sea and their beings, which leads him to travel throughout the Americas, Europe, Polynesia, Micronesia and Africa. After the trips, especially the one to Rapa Nui, he created the clothing brand Haka Honu, one of the first brands in Chile focused on encouragjng human contact with nature.

He currently lives in Punta de lobos, Pichilemu, with his wife and two children, where they have created Conviento de lobos, an EcoSurf & Yoga Lodge located on the ruins of a Mercedario convent of 1900, in which their two passions have merged : surfing and the horses with which he makes equinotherapy for children. It is a place of rest and meditation where workshops are held, to influence the evolution of the consciousness of the human being.