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Ruben Fuente Górriz

Outreach Campaigns Coordinator | Ambassador

Lover of his family, the ocean and mountain, the people and animals, nature and surf, the life at the beach and his homeland Cantabria, Rubén changed his life at the office for dedicating himself to the Surf professionally to spend more time on the beach.

Rubén give assistance with social media, while keeping his co-owned longboard brand “ CeCe Longboards”, as well as being the ambassador in Europe of Hippy Tree , Green Fix, Seland Wetsuits, Raen and SeventyOne Percent families. Professional trainer of Longboarders today and passionate traveler, Ruben developes his passion through teaching the values of surfing wherever the ocean calls: Cantabrian Sea, Atlantic, Mediterranean, the Maldives or Peru.

Rubén was raised in a very humble and working class neighborhood of Torrelavega (Cantabria), during his teenage years studied Delineation. Since childhood he began training martial arts and at the age of 13 he discovered the world of surfing with his friends in Los Locos, where he fell totally in love with the sea. Years afterwards found his roots in San Vicente de la Barquera beach, where the waves are more suitable for longboarding and the snowing mountains of Picos de Europa, the algae smell, the green meadows of the natural park of Oyambre, and its friendly people, made him a home.