Surfstainability in Suances

Surfstainability in Suances

Nowadays, it is essential to move towards sustainability towards the transformation of society and our municipalities. Economic, social, educational, and sports development should be guided by environmentally friendly guidelines.

Our #Surfstainability program inserts the surf factor into sustainable development models that contribute to inspiring and improving the quality of life of citizens, and the attractiveness of coastal municipalities, finding balance and harmony with nature.

Today we present SUANCES SURFING SOSTENIBLE. A project that has united the entire surfing community of Suances (Cantabria, Spain) and we are launching together with our local partners to promote sustainability and environmental respect in this municipality.

This sustainability program is aligned with the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 14- UNESCO) and the 2030 Agenda. It is a natural step, after the declaration of the Surf Reserve of Los Locos – La Tablía, we created back in 2012.

#WeAreWhatWeProtect #SurfNatureAlliance 

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