? Oil Spill Alert in the Gulf of Biscay

An amazing coastline with thousands of seabirds, fish, cetaceans that inhabit the rich marine ecosystems of the Gulf of Biscay, is under alert because of the oil spill from the Grande America cargo ship that recently sunk in front of La Rochelle, France. 

An overwhelming threat to the marine environment that currently travels in the form of two large fuel oil stains of 13.7 km and 9.7 km. They are currently being pushed by W winds towards the French coasts arriving from Brittany to the Landes. A change in wind direction can also drag part of the 2,200 tons of heavy fuel oil (the most polluting) to the Spanish coast.

The ship also sank with 365 containers, of which 45 contained dangerous goods (about 100 tons of hydrochloric acid and about 70 tons of sulfuric acid), just over 2,000 vehicles at 333 Km from La Roselle, as the Prefect Maritime pointed out at a press conference in Brest. The unfavorable weather conditions and sunken to a depth of 4,600 meters complicate the pumping operations. French Minister of Ecology, François de Rugy, declared that France is deploying at sea four “ships dedicated to operations against pollution” and is preparing a “plan to fight pollution on land.”

The 27 occupants of the ship were rescued safely while the ship suffered a violent fire and during a big swell. Thousands of animals and plants may not end up with the same luck.

All surfers, fishermen and ocean lovers please report any large patches of fuel in surfbreaks, beaches or coastlines. Please inform of any oil-covered birds, seals or dolphins you might find along the coast. Call 112 (in Spain) to activate the protocols.

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