Waves that destroy and claim their place in Tenerife

A 6 meter set of waves was enough to tear out several balconies and cause numerous damage in the municipality of Tacoronte Tenerife.

Photo by EFE. Mesa de Mar, Tacoronte, Tenerife, Spain

The invasion of the terrestrial maritime public domain always ends up taking its toll. That’s nothing new to any person that has seen a storm or has a little common sense. In the late ’70s, promoters and builders didn’t care much to build onto the see in a common space of all citizens. Their evident breach of the Ley de Costas, put in risk future generations of occupants, despite the warnings of environmental groups.

To add more concern Canarian Parliament intended to modify laws of coastal management  to include in the census the aberrant buildings of Mesa de Mar, calling into account the “ethnographic, architectural or picturesque values, their antiquity, integration in the littoral and social purpose.” Concepts that clearly do not apply to these buildings that are neither antique nor have a mere glimpse of integration with the landscape and seascape.

This is one of the many visible examples on the coast. Unfortunately, these type of events will become more frequent as the intensity of storms and sea level increase as a result of climate change.

Surf & Nature Alliance provides advice and technical assistance to local communities for their coastal development plans, helping them in the management of natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner, and in the use of these resources to mitigate environmental degradation and development.

Now the million dollar question: Who do you think will pay for the damages?

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