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Why is it important to stop dredging in Imsouane Bay in Morocco?

Imsouane is a small fishing and surfer village located between Essaouira and Agadir, with a world-renowned surfbreak known as “Magic Bay”. A 900 meters long wave with a 3 minutes leg-burning ride, that annually attracts more than 100,000 surfers from all over the planet. A truly natural, sporting, socio-economic and cultural resource, now fundamental for the local community.

Last September 24th, coinciding with the start of the surf season, the National Ports Agency (ANP) began sand dredging operations, which could alter considerably the sandbar and eventually destroy the famous Imsouane break and damage their ecosystem.

Local surfers are demanding an impact study and open a dialogue with the local authorities, currently reluctant, before the damage is irreparable.

The apparent reason for dredging is to facilitate access of fishermen to the port. Although a bad intervention could have a catastrophic impact on the community and the fishermen themselves. Ironically they benefit from the presence of surfers in the village, as they buy fresh fish through local restaurants or directly at the port. Anyone who has been to Imsouane before will remember surfers helping the fishermen to set sail or put their boats in port. It is the solidarity of Man in the ocean. A place that belongs to everyone: fauna, flora, fishermen, surfers, sailors … A resource that thousands of people directly or indirectly depend on, and must be protected.


(Petition Addressed to the Ministry of Tourism and the Royal Marocquian Federation of Surf and Bodyboard)

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